An Organaization For Peoples Empowerment

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About Us

NABOLOK is a Bengali term meaning “An Assembly for a New World.” NABOLOK is a voluntary non-government organization of Bangladesh. In the year of 1986 a group of dedicated citizens living in Khulna established NABOLOK to uphold the philosophy of ensuring people’s rights. After obtaining registration in 1990, NABOLOK commenced development activities in earnest, with the assistance of national and international donors.

Since then NABOLOK takes development as a positive change of economic, social, political, cultural and moral aspects of human life. It empowers the powerless through concretization and alternative institution building for liberation of the majority of people from prejudices and exploitative mechanism of the society that breeds poverty and injustices.

Nabolok is redeveloping organization’s website to share all its intervention with all form of stakeholders and also share its best practices among the society and mainatain proper communication platform with all.

Working Area of Nabolok




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Head Office

House # 163, Road # 11, Nirala R/A
Khulna, Bangladesh
Hotline: 88-041-720155, 88-041-810855
Fax : 88-041-721882
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